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Collaborative Interpretation


Collaborative, multi-voiced interpretation is an important aspect of the overall Electronic Village Galleries concept as potentially it provides a way to deepen knowledge of new media and network art.   

In the context of art galleries and museums, interpretation material is the means by which audiences discover more about a particular work.  Such material usually includes wall texts, labels, catalogue texts and video interviews. Often it is the gallery curators and the ‘institutional voice’ that frames the way that art is understood.

The idea behind collaborative, multi-voiced interpretation is to enable many different people (artists, curators, audiences) to share their thoughts about the work - perhaps commenting on its materialities, concepts and contexts - and have them recorded and distributed alongside the work itself.  This also opens up the possibility of dialogue around the work.

The range of The range of interpretation material is likely to include: Vox Pops with participants, artists, curators, new media specialists; Interviews, Recorded Debates, edited textual dialogues; comments; and art historical and sociological archive material.

Some aspects were developed as part of the EVG Pilot.