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Hosting an event

For the pilot project three artists based in Cornwall have been invited to act as ‘hosts’ for three events across the county.   Drawing on the curated collections they will programme events/exhibitions in ways that specifically engage their particular local art communities. Given that local public spaces such as village halls are used varied use each day, it is likely that each event will last just a few hours.

The hosts are not specialists in new media and networked art.

Utilising the EVG website the hosts will be able to view information on each of the artworks/collections and be able to devise a programme for their event by bringing together a number of collections.  In programming an event hosts will need to be aware of how each collection (and each piece of work within the collection) should be exhibited and be aware of the constraints of the venue.

It is proposed that hosts cannot separate out individual works from curated collections.   Programming an event (which will probably last just a few hours) made up of one or more collections and that fits with the available kit and the spec and layout of the venue will be challenging!

It is envisaged that the events, hosted and devised by local artists will include artist-led seminar/workshop with speakers, discussion, food and the selected curated collections.  

Through a combined approach of local events and online community it is hoped to engage a new audience for art produced, curated and disseminated in a networked and new media art context.