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Three Radios

Three Radios

Curated by Patrick Simons

This collection allows the listener in the Electronic Village Galleries to choose between three digital/internet radio stations located in different parts of the world, each broadcasting a changing programme of material. Listeners can create their own path through the material and simply listen.

When John Cage famously framed 'sound' as 'music' everything in music became possible. To stimulate creativity and curiosity Cage attempted ‘to be unfamiliar’ (1) with what he was doing. Radio Art/Art Radio stations can offer an oasis of unfamiliarity from the relentless imposition of waves of dominant cultural forms and their produce. Their very existence is a celebration of creativity over purpose and of artistic expression over a marketing opportunity.

Radio Art/Art Radio stations tend to be artist-led organisations, transmitting art as information, broadcasting and collaborating with their listeners. The focus on the aural/audio allows for concentrated listening. The antithesis of muzak, they intervene into our listening lives. They are not soundtracks to something else, but have meaning, resonating in and for themselves.

Again, to quote Cage: ‘Whether I make them or not, there are always sounds to be heard and all of them are excellent’.(2) This celebration of the act of listening is a private and public, personal and shared activity, and radio allows for all combinations. There is also some sense of a suspension of time when you are listening, or at least a connection to a different sort of time. ‘If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all’. (3)

Turn on, tune in, drop everything...

I think of Radio Art/Art Radio as a re-engineering of existing technology: the digital allows for a recombining of the earliest remote listening with the newest technologies of connectivity.

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Soundart Radio


Sound art radio station

Soundart Radio 102.5 FM is the licensed community radio station for Totnes and surrounding villages in South Devon.



From 2002, Art radio station

Resonance104.4fm is the world’s first radio art station.  Established by London Musicians’ Collective, it started broadcasting on May 1st 2002.

Live VLF Natural Radio: Abelian


Unmediated live natural radio streams VLF Natural Radio is a collection of live natural radio streams of the VLF band.  The stream selected for Electronic Village Galleries is from Cape Coral in Florida, USA .26.5556N,82.0252W.