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2010, Online petition platform

In the post-idealist era the success of a campaign is increasingly reliant on instantaneous statistical surveys promoted to shift opinion towards defined positions. is the ultimate social petition platform that grants the success of every campaign proposed, offering the most advanced internet technologies to make participatory democracy a truely user-centred experience.  Just a click and Repetitionr will fill you petitions with millions of self-generated fake signatures indistinguishable from the real ones.  Repetitionr needs just a few clicks to demonstrate its magic:  just create your petition by writing down the title and statement, choose the number of signatures your want and from which countries they come from, then simply sit down and enjoy the power of data hallucination working on your behalf.  Dont' be afraid to exaggerate: Repetitionr will produce up to 1,000,000 signatures!  You are no longer alone in your opinions.  Make a Re-Petition and announce to the world that thousands and thousands of people can't be wrong!

Repetitionr was commissioned by Arnolfini.

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Les Liens Invisibles is an imaginary art-group from Italy, comprised of media artists Clemente Pestelli and Gionatan Quintini.


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