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Night Impromptu


2009, 50.9 MB, 5:19 min

Despite being a very fine still photographer there's something paradoxically counter-photographic about Robert Croma's video work. Of course, as one would expect from a photographer, he's extremely sensitive to finish and the care which is lavished on the working over of each of his movies is humbling and astonishing but what struck me, getting this post ready, is how difficult it is to extract a poster image from these that really prepares us for the coming movie as movie. (Believe me – mostly this is not so hard, so many people semaphore from every frame) Then it further struck me that this a mark of the most profound cinematic thinking, that despite the pieces’ great visual beauties they are conceived austerely, with the greatest economy & most of all holistically; that is, entirely at the level of the final moving image. Of course here, as so often with Croma, finally it’s also a very moving image.


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