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2001-4, 14.6MB, 2:32 min

One of six pieces originally shown as a gallery installation. Says their creator, the artist Nathaniel Stern : ‘The odys series consists of six short digital video poems / monologues for small screen viewing in an intimate gallery space. By stuttering between odys actions and words, listeners construct his person. As he attempts to re-member, bringing the past back to his body and calling it his own, listeners attempt to piece together a story for themselves. Viewers are encouraged to re-visit and jump over juxtaposed media, and create a shifting collage of, and in response to, his person.’ This is work of huge ambition both aesthetically & technically & it’s brave and it’s edgy, sometimes to the point of being uncomfortable to watch. Neither does Stern fear engaging with complex & difficult ideas. Definitely worth more than one viewing.


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