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Being Multiple


2010, 3 videos, 40sec, 24sec, 1m13sec, A1 poster, business cards

Karen Blissett was originally born on the 3rd of May 1991 at exactly the same time that the first successful double head-heart transplant was being carried out in a hospital in London. 

Her parents are the neoist artists, Karen Eliot and Luther Blissett.  They are only interested in art and politics not in how Karen spends her days on the Internet.

Dear Friends.

Please join me.


I want to become more open and free, with a more distributed identity.

So if you would like to take a break from yourself and speak and act
as me instead, please drop me a personal email.

If I trust you I will send you my password and you can start expressing me.

Can't wait!

Karen Blissett

Open, Free, Public and Distributed at last.

"When Karen made her statement about opening up her email address, my first reaction was distress. My next reaction was sheer pleasure that something had shocked me so much. And then curiosity set in as to why."


If emailing Karen, please replace AT with @


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